Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

With as many as 80% of visits to your website starting with a search engine, there are two aspects to your PPC success on Google, Yahoo and Bing/MSN.

...you want to acquire and convert the greatest number of visitors at the lowest cost.

...to stay ahead of your competition, build the visibility and maintain the integrity of your brand online, you want to own the prominent positions for pertinent keywords.

We develop...
PPC campaigns across the search engines. Rather than using automated bidding tools, which have a habit of generalising campaigns and wasting money on poor targeting, we do everything manually. Would you rather have a machine or a human assess the nuances of human behaviour?

Our pragmatic approach has meant we are helping our clients benefit not only from better conversion and increased revenue but also saving money on agency fees and wasteful advertising spend.

Our holistic approach to acquisition and conversion means we put your ppc campaign in the context of the broader marketing mix, and adapt to your brand’s communication needs at different times.

If we feel your money could be used more effectively by diverting it in to other marketing channels like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), social media, retargeting or simply redesigning some web pages – we will tell you.